Savings and Other Benefits General Information

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Cafeteria Plan

The MoCAFE Cafeteria Plan is a payroll-deduction savings plan (flexible spending plan) which permits team members to set aside a portion of their salary on a tax-free basis to pay for state-sponsored medical and group term life insurance premiums and to be reimbursed for certain medical, child, and dependent care expenses.

MO Benefits

MO Benefits provides an overview of a number of benefits that are available to most state team members.

MOSERS – Missouri State Employees' Retirement System


MOST – Missouri’s 529 College Savings Plan

MOST - Missouri's 529 College Savings Plan helps individuals and families save for college expenses through a tax-advantaged investment plan sponsored by the State of Missouri.

WeSave Discount Program

The WeSave Discount Program helps team members stretch their household income. State team members who choose to participate in this FREE program will save money (up to 40% off retail value) on direct-buy products purchased from WeSave merchants.

State of Missouri Employee Discount Website

The State of Missouri Employee Discount Website exists to offer active and retired Missouri state team members discounts on products and services from various vendors in order to express appreciation for their valued service to Missouri citizens. All discounted products and services offered through this website are provided at no cost to state team members or the State of Missouri.

Missouri Vocational Enterprises

Missouri Vocational Enterprises (MVE) offers active and retired State team members the opportunity to purchase quality products at a competitive rate. MVE is a service that teaches offenders good work ethics and transferable job skills to prepare them for successful reentry into society.

Credit Union

Credit Union offers checking, savings, and lending services through payroll deduction. Services also include traveler's checks, credit cards, and automatic teller machine cards.

Social Security

Social Security is paid through employee-employer contributions.

U.S. Savings Bonds

U.S. Savings Bonds are available through payroll deduction plan.

Direct Deposit

Team Member's paychecks are directly deposited to bank, savings institution, or credit union account of their choice.

Healthy Living Incentives

Healthy Living Incentives provided by Strive for Wellness include:

  • Strive for Wellness
  • Partnership Incentive Program
  • Tobacco Free Incentive
  • Disease Management Program