Senior Specialized Trades Worker

General summary

This is advanced vocational-level work within a specialized area such as: electrical; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC); electronics; carpentry; concrete and masonry; welding; plumbing; and/or painting. At this level, employees are seen as the go-to resource for the most complex issues. May act as a lead worker over lower level employees (e.g., adjusting work assignments and schedules to maintain staffing levels, providing training and mentorship, signing off on work). Serves as a project contractor/coordinator for installation or replacement of systems requiring design (e.g., prioritize tasks for each phase of work; requisition materials and supplies; and liaise with State inspectors, representatives of local power companies, etc.). Participates in operational administration (monitor and account for inventory, and recommend need for outside contractors, create job specifications, recommend bids for approval, and monitor work).

Knowledge, skills & abilities

In addition to those identified in the previous levels: Knowledge of procurement and bid process. Ability to make accurate estimates of time and materials required. Ability to prioritize and multi-task. Ability to provide direction and guidance to staff. Ability to discern skill set needed for projects and whether it can be completed in-house or by a contractor. Ability to manage numerous projects. Ability to train, advise, and prioritize work of other staff.

Typical qualifications

2-4 years of skilled experience in the trade area.

Pay grade