Project Manager Director

General summary

This is a managerial level position accountable for managing projects which are highly complex in nature and have a statewide enterprise impact. Due to the nature of these projects, this level of work is likely to be found in the central information technology (IT) office or the largest and most complex agencies. The projects managed at this level are the largest in terms of size, scope, complexity, and impact on the State. Typically, has a project portfolio in excess of $15 million. Projects are typically multi-year and multi-faceted. Responsible for project planning, overseeing activities of the project team and identifying appropriate resources needed. Develops project plans, timelines, and accountabilities. Must be familiar with project scope and objectives as well as role of each team member and/or sub project managers. Accountable for developing project deliverables and measuring project outcomes. Frequent interaction with both business owners and managers in other IT functions. Often manages lower- level project managers. Responsible for assisting the Chief Information Officer (CIO) with strategic planning and direction.

Knowledge, skills & abilities

In addition to those identified in the previous levels: Knowledge of strategic planning. Skill in overseeing multiple projects. Skill in identifying and resolving issues regarding resources and project obstacles. Skill in communicating and presenting technical terminology to stakeholders and other professional/managerial staff.

Typical qualifications

Bachelor’s degree and 10 or more years of relevant IT experience. (Substitutions may be allowed.)

Pay grade