Correctional Sergeant

General summary

Second-level position that controls, directs, and monitors activities and movements of offenders. An employee performs various security activities and searches at internal control points; performs physical counts of offenders, including reconciling and reporting discrepancies; and performs random and specific searches and security inspections of offenders and various areas of the institution.  Employees exercise some independence in judgment while operating within standard work patterns, practices, and policies. At this level, employees are assigned lead work responsibilities in the maintenance of security in an institution or facility during assigned shift within the area of responsibility (e.g., makes assignments and coordinates lower level officer activities; trains officers to perform assigned work; monitoring duties performed to ensure completion and performance according to policies and procedures.

Knowledge, skills & abilities

In addition to those identified in the previous level: Knowledge of the rules and regulations of the institutional facility operation. Skill in the operation of electronic surveillance and communications equipment. Ability to prepare and maintain records and reports. Ability to evaluate situations and take appropriate courses of action.

Typical qualifications

1-2 years of corrections experience.

Pay grade