Veterinary Specialist

Job family
General summary

This is a specialized veterinarian position accountable for administrative and consultative veterinary work directing and coordinating statewide epidemiological efforts relating to livestock diseases or performing diagnostic procedures to provide an accurate diagnosis, or identifying the etiological pathogen, of an animal's cause of illness or death. Work involves making diagnostic and epidemiological decisions and recommendations based upon analysis and interpretation of test results, investigative reports, symptoms, and other evidence. Employees in these positions may order quarantines, vaccinations, herd depopulation, or other measures for the control and/or eradication of livestock diseases. May also direct the operations of an animal health laboratory and provide pathology services to the agricultural industry.

Knowledge, skills & abilities

In addition to those identified in the previous levels: Knowledge of principles and methods of veterinary laboratory technology. Ability to analyze complex data and make diagnostic and epidemiological decisions. Ability to evaluate laboratory operations to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Typical qualifications

Graduation from an accredited College of Veterinary Medicine, 4 or more years of experience as a veterinarian involving the care and treatment of animals, and 2 or more years of experience in epidemiology or pathology investigations and reporting. (Substitutions may be allowed.)

Pay grade