Job family
General summary

This is a first-level firefighting position that serves as a member of a team or crew to suppress fires, administer emergency medical assistance (at a first level of aid), respond to hazardous materials incidents, and assist with aircraft/vehicle accidents and other emergency situations. At this level, employees follow written policies and procedures, and specific instruction of team leaders. A key focus at this level is training: participating in drills, demonstrations, and classroom and practical training on rescue techniques, hazardous material response, first aid, fire prevention, fire safety inspections, and the use of various suppressants, tools, and equipment.   

Knowledge, skills & abilities

Knowledge of modern fire prevention, suppression, and rescue methods and equipment. Knowledge of the structural features/design of all aircraft that are housed or used at the assigned airfield, as well as construction materials and basic structural layout of all airfield buildings. Ability to perform the physical demands of the position including heavy lifting, climbing, and maneuvering. Ability to work in conditions involving extremely high temperatures, toxic fumes, smoke, etc. Ability to administer emergency first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Typical qualifications

Completion of a certification program in firefighting.

Pay grade