Associate Hearings/Appeals Referee

General summary

This is a first-level professional position responsible for conducting adjudicatory or administrative hearings. An employee is responsible for establishing hearing dates and issuing subpoenas, reviewing facts and testimony presented in hearings, and conducting pre-hearing conferences. Duties may include determining the facts surrounding unemployment benefit cases; making determinations as to ability to work; researching and composing documents rendering the recommendation or decision for each hearing; ruling on objections to ensure a just and impartial hearing; explaining the issues and applicable laws to all involved parties; and ensuring time standards are met.

Knowledge, skills & abilities

Knowledge of federal and state laws and rules and regulations pertaining to administrative hearing review. Knowledge of the general provisions and philosophy of relevant program areas and regulatory functions. Knowledge of the principles and practices in conducting quasi-judicial hearings and legal proceedings. Ability to rule on motions and objections and to communicate and substantiate decisions. Ability to operate a motor vehicle and maintain a valid vehicle operator’s license.

Typical qualifications

Bachelor’s degree and 4 or more years of professional experience in the programs subject to the administrative hearing review. (Substitutions may be allowed.)

Pay grade