Vocational Education Supervisor

Job family
General summary

This is a supervisory-level position accountable for overseeing an education program which teaches skilled or technical vocations such as building, industrial, or mechanical trades, or business or service occupations to clients in a state facility.  Employees are accountable for developing curriculum, planning and preparing course outlines and content, planning for efficient use of materials and resources, and ensuring adherence of teaching programs to facility goals. Supervision of lower-level vocational teaching positions includes making hiring recommendations, providing training oversight, assessing performance, providing coaching, and making disciplinary recommendations.

Knowledge, skills & abilities

In addition to those identified in the previous level: Knowledge of principles and practices of career and technical education. Ability to plan, develop, and manage programs along with providing staff supervision.

Typical qualifications

High School diploma or equivalency and 4 or more years of relevant experience, certification, or licenses. (Substitutions may be allowed.)

Pay grade