Staff Development Training Specialist

General summary

This is a specialized professional training and development position accountable for developing and delivering training programs, administering assessments and certification requirements, providing coaching, and ensuring knowledge transfer. Employees train personnel in areas such as corrections, parole and probation, mine safety, onboarding, computer training, professional development, supervisory and managerial training, human resources training, e-learning and continuous improvement, using established educational requirements and job specific procedures and policies. Employees are responsible for short to medium term objectives and outcomes and performs assignments under the general guidance and advice of a more experienced staff member or supervisor.

Knowledge, skills & abilities

In addition to those identified in the previous levels: Knowledge of media used to deliver training. Skills in training instruction and presentation.  Skills in coaching initiatives for individuals and groups in classroom setting. Ability to stay abreast of training needs. 

Typical qualifications

Bachelor’s degree and 2-4 years of relevant experience. (Substitutions may be allowed.)  

Pay grade