Clinical Social Work Manager

General summary

This is a managerial licensed professional accountable for supervising and directing professional staff in an entire social work program.  Oversees all social work aspects of admissions, prognosis, progress reviews, habilitation/rehabilitation or treatment planning, community placements, or discharge planning.  Assigns, directs, and reviews work of professional-level staff providing social services to patients or clients in a treatment facility or community placement program.  

Knowledge, skills & abilities

In addition to those identified in the previous levels: Knowledge of the legal requirements and court procedures involved  in the placement of persons with mental illness and/or developmental or physical disabilities in facilities and community-based programs and the policies, rules, and regulations governing client services.  Ability to plan, direct, and evaluate the clinical social work activities of a program.

Typical qualifications

Licensure as a Clinical Social Worker, 4 or more years of licensed clinical social work experience, and 1-2 years of supervisory experience.

Pay grade