Senior Clinical Caseworker

General summary

This is an advanced professional position accountable for providing clinical casework services to persons with mental illness and/or development or physical disabilities.  Compiles comprehensive case histories concerning the clients’ social, environmental, and economic backgrounds for use by medical and other professional treatment staff.  Also participates in admission, social diagnosis, prognosis, progress review, research, community placement, and aftercare planning with an interdisciplinary team and other service agencies.

Knowledge, skills & abilities

In addition to those identified in the previous level:  Knowledge of social work practices, techniques, and ethics.  Knowledge of medical and psychiatric diagnoses and implications for treatment prognosis.  Ability to evaluate the care and services provided to a client in terms of needs, functioning level, progress, and adherence to facility, state, or federal guidelines and regulations. 

Typical qualifications

Bachelor’s degree and 2 years of experience. (Substitutions may be allowed.)

Pay grade