Director of Psychology

Job family
General summary

This is a licensed managerial position, which is accountable for coordinating and managing, through subordinate staff, the assessment and treatment of mental illnesses.  Provides thorough behavioral health services including assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.  Develops and implements individual treatment plans that specify type, frequency, intensity, and duration of therapy.  Treats and counsels clients and uses a variety of treatment methods to intervene and assist in behavior modification.  Writes reports on clients and evaluates the effectiveness of counseling or other treatments, and modifies plans and diagnoses as necessary.  May conduct court-ordered evaluations and provide testimony in court proceedings.

Knowledge, skills & abilities

In addition to those identified in the previous levels: Knowledge of the scientific methods and procedures of understanding, predicting, and influencing human behavior, such as statistics, experimental design, and psychometrics.  Ability to coordinate the activities in a psychological treatment program, and to supervise psychologists and other staff.

Typical qualifications

Licensure and 5 or more years of experience as a Psychologist.

Pay grade