Registered Nurse Specialist/ Supervisor

Job family
General summary

This is an advanced specialized and/or supervisory registered nurse position.  Supervisors are accountable for directing nursing services, which includes oversight/review of work and documentation of subordinate and/or specialist personnel. Supervises, plans, and schedules the delivery of nursing services to several units and wards in a hospital setting. Assumes responsibility for carrying out several nursing programs in a public health setting.

For specialist positions at this level: Directly involved in the development and implementation of one or more highly specialized nursing programs, such as infection control, quality control, employee health, billing compliance, health facility surveying, or other specialty.

Knowledge, skills & abilities

In addition to those identified in the previous levels:  Knowledge of a specialized area of professional nursing including related theory, practices, and standards. Ability to conduct nursing assessments, develop nursing diagnoses, and formulate short and long-term objectives and treatment plans.  Ability to administer detailed therapeutic prescriptions and nursing interventions. Ability to implement and coordinate a specialized facility-wide or geographical regional nursing program, and serve as a consultant for the area of expertise.

Typical qualifications

Licensure as a Registered Nurse and 2-4 years of experience as a registered nurse.

Pay grade