Show Me's Got Talent


SHOW ME'S GOT TALENT is a statewide employee referral program, created to help incentivize current state team members to refer applicants to jobs at the State of Missouri. Eligible employees who successfully follow the steps to refer a candidate qualify to receive $250 or $500* at the new team member’s 90-day tenure. Automation for payment will be processed through MO Careers.

*Positions identified as hard to fill.

Money Incentive

Monetary incentive per hired external referral to be paid at the new team member's 90-day tenure

Team Member Requirements

  • Team member must setup referral code with the option to create unique referral links. 
  • Referrals are given for a specific position and must be submitted prior to the job posting being closed or unposted. 
  • Team members directly involved in hiring are not eligible for incentives.
  • Must be employed by a participating department.

Candidate Requirements

  • Candidate must list referring name and either referral code or employee email.
  • Cannot be currently employed by the State of Missouri or within the last 6 months.
  • Must be hired to a full-time, executive branch, benefit eligible position posted on MO Careers.
  • Must maintain employment for a minimum of 90 days.