Jobs in this family diagnose, treat, and provide preventative care associated with dental needs.

Typical functions

The functions within this job family will vary by level, but may include the following:

  • Assess and treat patients’ oral health needs.
  • Maintain dental records and charts.
  • Sterilize instruments and other equipment.

The work assigned to positions in this series ranges from providing assistance to dental staff to providing services as a licensed Dentist.

Dental Assistant

Positions at this level are accountable for assisting a Dentist or Dental Hygienist in patient care, preparing materials for patient impressions and restorations, exposing radiographs, and processing dental x-ray film.  Under supervision, may remove sutures and apply anesthetics and cavity preventive agents to teeth and gums.  Other duties include performing office tasks such as: scheduling, handling records, billing, payments, and ordering supplies and materials.

Knowledge, skills & abilities

Knowledge of routine dental and office procedures.  Ability to chart mouth and teeth.  Ability to provide chair-side assistance to a dentist, taking care not to cause injury to client.

Typical qualifications

High School diploma or equivalent. Certification as a Dental Assistant preferred.  

Pay grade

Dental Hygienist

This is a licensed position accountable for cleaning teeth, examining for signs of oral disease, educating patients on oral hygiene, taking and developing x-rays, and applying fluoride and sealants.  Other duties include screening patients, reviewing medical and dental histories, documenting patients’ oral hygiene status, and maintaining dental records.  May direct/supervise the work of dental assistants.

Knowledge, skills & abilities

In addition to those identified in the previous level:  Knowledge of principles and techniques of oral hygiene, dental prophylaxis, and dental examination.  Ability to explain the fundamentals of dental care and oral hygiene to patients.

Typical qualifications

Licensure as a Dental Hygienist.

Pay grade


This is a licensed professional position accountable for diagnosing and treating diseases, injuries, and malformations of the teeth, gums, and related oral structures.  Work includes removing tooth decay, filling cavities, examining x-rays, applying sealants, straightening teeth, and repairing fractured teeth.  Performs oral surgery, extracts teeth, administers anesthetics, and writes prescriptions for antibiotics and other medications. Oversees the work of dental hygienists and dental assistants. 

Knowledge, skills & abilities

In addition to those identified in the previous levels:  Knowledge of principles and practices of preventive and corrective dentistry and oral hygiene.  Ability to prescribe and supervise dental services.

Typical qualifications

Licensure as a Dentist.

Pay grade